From The President's Desk

श्री महंत रविन्द्र पुरी जी
अध्यक्ष, कॉलेज प्रबन्ध् समिति अध्यक्ष, मनसा देवी मन्दिर ट्रस्ट

Education plays an important role in the development of human life. Education turns the human mind towards positivity and eradicates all negative ideologies. Education helps an individual to discover his/her potential which in turn fosters a strong and united society. To develop this positivity in the students, S. M.J. N. (PG) College which was established in the year 1960-61 by Panchayati Akhara Shree Niranjani, a well-known religious organization here plays an important role.

Our college is the oldest and biggest college of Haridwar district. In this educational institution of the city, we have large number of students from the surrounding rural and urban area. Actually this college is a blessing of Saints of Panchayati Akhaada Shri Niranjani and Shri Shravanath Math.

S.M J. N. (PG) College helps the students to develop high ideals and moral qualities while giving them a secure future. I hope that by imbibing these qualities, the students will make the college and their parents proud by making their valuable contribution in the upliftment of the nation.

Best wishes and blessings to all the Students, Teachers and Staff of the college.


Shri Mahant Ravindra puri


President, All India Akhara Parishad

President, Maa Mansha Devi Temple

President, College Management Committee 2022-23