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Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Attended)

 CategoryTypeTopicByOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
1WorkshopState LevelYoga for HumanityMrs. Amita MalhotraSMJN PG college Haridwar 06-Jun-202221-Jun-2022

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Presented Paper)

 CategoryTypeTopicTitle of PaperByOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
1WorkshopNational LevelSensitization Program on Recent Techniques of Water Conservation with reference to River Revival Conservation of River Water with reference to Garhwal RegionMrs. Amita MalhotraSMJN PG college Haridwar 23-Mar-202224-Mar-2022
2SeminarNational LevelManagerial Excellence and Human Rights Manavadhikar evam Adhunik aur Paramparik Gaayki ka Tulnatmak AdhyayanMrs. Amita MalhotraSMJN PG college Haridwar 27-Jan-201328-Jan-2013

Workshops / Conferences / Seminars Organised