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Dr. Padmavati Taneja

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Ph.D Research Scholar

 TypePaper/Book TitleName of Journal/Book Year  By
1JournalRaychaudhuri Equations in Two Dimensions Flat Space Background Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR)7.952021Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Padmavati Taneja
2JournalMethods of Interpolation in Indian AstronomyIndian Journal of History of Science  2014UGC Listed JournalNational JournalDr. Padmavati Taneja
3JournalJourney of Quadratic Equations from Vedic Period to Modern Mathematics International J. Of Math. Sci. & Engg. Appls. (IJMSEA)0.52502011Peer RefereedInternationalDr. Padmavati Taneja
4JournalThe Study on Arithmetic of Numbers International Transactions in Mathematical Sciences & Computers  2010Any OtherInternationalDr. Padmavati Taneja
5JournalEnlargement of Vedis in SulbasutrasIndian Journal OF History of Science 2010Any OtherNationalDr. Padmavati Taneja

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Attended)

 CategoryTypeTopicByOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
1WorkshopNational LevelTeacher Enrichment WorkshopDr. Padmavati TanejaTIFR and IIT BOMBAY 09-Oct-201714-Oct-2017

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Presented Paper)

 CategoryTypeTopicTitle of PaperByOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
1WorkshopNational LevelRevisitinIndian Vedic Sciences and Mathematics Education Dr. Padmavati TanejaChaman Lal Mahavidyala, Landhora, Haridwar 13-Mar-202315-Mar-2023
2WorkshopNational LevelSensitization Program on Recent Techniques of water conservation with reference to river revivalspecial reference to Uttarakhand statewith reference to river revivalRole of Applied Mathematics in Environment ScienceDr. Padmavati TanejaS.M.J.N.P.G College, Haridwar 23-Mar-202224-Mar-2022
3WebinarNational LevelAncient Indian Mathematics Understanding of Ancient Indian Mathematics in Diverse ContextDr. Padmavati TanejaS.M.J.N.P.G College, Haridwar 28-Jul-202028-Jul-2020
4WorkshopState LevelVedic Mathematics Vedic Mathematics Dr. Padmavati TanejaDPS Daulatpur Haridwar 28-Dec-201928-Dec-2019
5ConferenceNational LevelSensitization Program on Recent Techniques of water conservation with special reference to Uttarakhand statewith reference to river revivalWater Resources and its conservation techniques Dr. Padmavati TanejaS.M.J.N.P.G College, Haridwar 28-Dec-201928-Dec-2019
6ConferenceInternational LevelVedic Mathematics About the Origin of ZeroDr. Padmavati TanejaICSSR & CSIR, New Delhi22-Dec-201924-Dec-2019
7ConferenceNational LevelApplication of Mathematics in Present ScenarioVedic Mathematics: Foundation of Modern Mathematics Dr. Padmavati TanejaMaharaja Agrasen College, Jagadhari10-Nov-201711-Nov-2017
8ConferenceNational LevelNatural Resources & EnvironmentSave Natural Resources & Environment Dr. Padmavati TanejaChinmaya Degree College, B.H.E.L. Haridwar 13-Oct-201314-Oct-2013
9ConferenceInternational LevelHistory of Mathematical Sciences & Symposium on Non-linear Analysis Relevance of Pingala's Meru-Prastar in Present ContextDr. Padmavati TanejaKumaon University, Almora16-May-201119-May-2011
10SeminarInternational LevelRole of Mathematics in Science & Engineering Journey of Quadratic Equation from Vedic period to Modern Mathematics Dr. Padmavati TanejaGraphic Era, Dehradun, ISSRMSE13-May-201114-May-2011
11ConferenceNational LevelGlobal Recession and Indian Economy Global Recession and Indian Economy Dr. Padmavati TanejaS.M.J.N. P.G. COLLEGE, HARIDWAR 26-Dec-201027-Dec-2010
12ConferenceInternational LevelWorld Veda Conference The Study on Enlargement of Vedis Dr. Padmavati TanejaGurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar 09-Nov-201011-Nov-2010
13ConferenceInternational LevelInternational Congress of Mathematicians Methods of Interpolation in Indian Astronomy Dr. Padmavati TanejaICM, University of Hyderabad 19-Aug-201027-Aug-2010
14ConferenceNational Level National Meet on History of Mathematical Sciences Decimal Place Value System and ZeroDr. Padmavati TanejaDelhi University 07-Jan-201009-Jan-2010

Workshops / Conferences / Seminars Organised